Saints are important too (Mark P)

Mark P.
How important is praying to Saints to you?

Saints are heavenly beings that walked the face of the earth, they’re a perfect example of the human race. They are holy, they worship God the father, Mary our mother and Jesus the Lord. Why shouldn’t we be praying to saints?, they’re such glorious beings.. they’re like messengers from Jesus. They’re miracle workers. We pray to saints because there are saints that help you in specific fields of prayer. For example, going on pilgrimages, praying for someone’s death or maybe even finding stuff! Every single one of us has a saint that was sent by God to watch over us during our life. It is crucial that we pray to our Saint for protection and support. Then our Saints
take our requests to God so our prayers may be answered. It is still praying to God, through saints. This is why it is important to pray to saints..



How Important is praying to saints to you? (Ricky Qadiry)

Published by Ricky Qadiry

How Important is praying to saints to you? 

I know saints for achieving great things in life for their faith.  I see saints as role models, and when i pray to a saint i feel that it makes me more faithful and brings me closer to God.

 Praying to saints is a very important part of my life. I pray to saints who can ask God to help me in my needs, for example, I pray to St Anthony when people I have lost something and I pray to St Jude when I’m in need of hope in a time of desperation. What is comforting is that there is always a different saint that you can pray to for different things and that i am always being guided and protected.


Why are pilgrimages important to some believers and not others? (Ricky Qadiry)

Published by Ricky Qadiry

Why are pilgrimages important to some believers and not others?

Why is it important?

Pilgrimages are so important to most Christians as every step along the way has meaning and brings the faithful closer to the Church and God while exploring the shrines and places of this world, where the great sites of the Saints are and where revelation has taken place. Pilgrimages are a journey towards Heaven!

Why isn’t it important to some?

Pilgrimages to some people are not important, as some people don’t believe in God and have a different faith. Some individuals don’t think it will make their relationship with God closer and believe that travelling across the world is pointless as visiting their local will Church will bring them close to God.

These are images of some pilgrimages.


Why are some Saints celebrated more than others? (Ricky Qadiry)

Published by Ricky Qadiry

Why are some Saints celebrated more than others?

A Saint is an example of holiness that we can follow with confidence and is always someone through whose life we learn what God is likes. To be canonised a Saint by the Pope is a difficult process. Examples of the qualities Saints show include: Excellent role model, generous, unselfish behaviour and have a special relation to all that is holy so they are able to interpret God and holiness for others.

Some Saints are celebrated and are more well known then others because of  many reasons such as:  the country the Saint is from, for example St Mary MacKillop. St Mary MacKillop is celebrated and prayed to in Australia more than other Saints  as she is Australia’s first Saint. St Anthony of Padua is prayed to more then other Saints when someone has lost something because St Anthony is the patron saint of lost and stolen articles. People prefer to pray to Saints according to what help they need and the country they are in.


I want to go for a pilgrimage! (Mark.P)

Mark P. 9.3
Why do some believers choose to go on pilgrimages?

As a believer, we go on pilgrimages because we want to experience a special journey relating to our faith. We tend to seek inspiration, seek harmony with the natural world and have a desire to go on a spiritual adventure. We go on these pilgrimages for an act of devotion. We want to come closer to our catholic community and most of all with God..

Its a breath taking experience if you go on religious pilgrimages because you appreciate buildings of where saints stood in or appreciating the surrounding of the area. Most of all appreciating all the other people around you on the pilgrimage.. it’s a wonderful experience for believers. That’s why we tend to go on these pilgrimages..


How is life like a pilgrimage? (Ricky Qadiry)

Published by Ricky Qadiry

How is life like a pilgrimage?

Life as a pilgrim is important for many people. As a person we go through many challenges given to us emotionally, mentally and physically, some are bad and some are good, but we all learn from these challenges. We as Catholics believe that God put us on this Earth so that we can follow in his footsteps and do well not only for ourselves but others around us as well. By doing this we are living the way that God would want us to so we can gracefully complete the Pilgrimage way of life

Being a pilgrim is not just a tour to sacred sights and churches around the world it is a journey towards the kingdom of heaven, it is a search for spiritual and moral significance.


How important is praying to Saints to you? (Abhiroop.V)

Saint_Philomena_Living_Rosary_00001Abhiroop Vengala 9.4

Believing in saints might be an important in some Catholic people lives. Praying/Believing in a saint might be important because it gives them hope and something to believe in dark times. Believing in a saint can change some peoples lives by giving them a path to follow and finally reach the final destination heaven.

Believing in God to me overpowers the fact that I have to believe in a saint. People can choose in what they want to believe in, but its more logical to me to believe in God who has been there in my life since the beginning rather than some who i hardly know about. Well it could be the completely opposite to some people because they have been taught that way at home and I am no one to JUDGE that. So thats my reflection on weather I believe in saint or God.

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